What we do for a living goes a long way in defining how we see ourselves. For women, finding that definition has not always been easy. But that is changing. Collette Smith was a professional footballer, the first African-American NFL Coach and the first female coach of the New York Jets. That wasn’t a series of jobs that were easy to come by or garnered much in the way of support. She now travels the world with one mission: to inspire women, especially young women, to find their dream careers, then fight for that dream. Rev. Wendy Calderon-Payne is the head of Bronx Connects, an organization that has had great success in taking young people who are caught in the criminal justice system and turning their lives around.  One thing she has seen is an alarming growth in the number of young women, heading for incarceration.  She talks about why that is happening, and how changing someone’s path usually starts with finding them work that makes them happy.