In Focus takes a look at the inputs and actors that make up agriculture in the United States, addressing issues on the micro level from honey production to craft beer hop growth, the role that immigration plays in agriculture, and food security in the face of global warming. Whether you want to stay up to date with the latest agricultural trends, stay informed about the economic impacts and fortunes of the industry, or learn more about where your food comes from, In Focus has you covered.

Step back from the routine of your daily life and take a look at the broader social and cultural trends that are affecting your family, community and country. Topics range from ethnic awareness, issues of racial and sexual diversity, community assimilation or otherwise, policing, rights restrictions for certain groups and other hot-topic institutional and societal culture shifts.

Take an in-depth look at the processes, problems and opportunities in the education system as In Focus tackles topics from the controversial debate over school testing and whether more specialized high schools should be opened, to improving access to education for all and whether taxpayer dollars should be used for charter schools.

What are the trends affecting general job availability, your job security and the potential to advance your career? In focus navigates the complicated world of business and employment, analyzing sector trends, shifts in the workforce and picking the brains of legislators and businesspeople alike to try and paint an accurate picture of the economic and employment landscape.

Feel disconnected from the decision-makers and legislators in local and national government? In Focus brings politicians and their legislative decisions to the table, puts the issues in context and places the outcomes under a fair and balanced microscope. Major legislative issues such as gun control, immigration, budget allocation, voting reform, social welfare, economic inequality and criminal justice reform amongst others are all subject to scrutiny.

Health care has evolved over the years into a highly controversial and hot-button topic. In Focus is here to dissect the issues and provide insight into the major physical, mental and public health developments as they happen. Topics will vary from the opioid epidemic to how mental health is viewed in the criminal justice system.

Homelessness is a pervasive problem in the United States. The In Focus team takes a nuanced look at the problem at all stages of its life cycle and evaluates topics such as affordable housing. What are the circumstances that lead to income inequality, poverty and homelessness? What are the broad-reaching consequences of homelessness and what can be done to stop the downward spiral that it precipitates?

Find out which new technology updates that have caught the eye of our In Focus team. Learn about the physical technology, the science behind it and the implications that it could have for your daily lives.

Whether it is the commute, the school-run or simply moving from point A to point B, the evolving nature and scope of transportation impacts us all. From traffic trends to public transportation and ride-sharing to mobile scooter rental, In Focus takes an in-depth look at the need-to-know developments in the world of transportation and how these changes could impact your daily lives.