There are more than 91,000 non-profits operating in New York, all of them scrambling for every penny of your charitable donation budget. And New Yorkers are generous, donating billions of dollars every year. But 40% of those donations happen around the holidays, when we’re all possessed by that giving spirit, or feeling a little guilty about all that stuff we buy that maybe we don’t really need. In the summer, we’re buying ourselves vacations and forgetting that kids are still going hungry, people are living on the streets, New Yorkers are struggling with health issues they may not be able to afford, and teens are free from school and looking for something to do, good or bad. Our four guests represent all of those issues and are fighting to do something about them.  In an In Focus round table, they’ll talk about what their charities do and why they matter. Food Bank for NYC, Urban Pathways and The Arthur Ashe Institute have been around for decades, but the Young Airmans Association is brand new. The CEO is here to tell us how they’re working to give inner city kids an opportunity they never thought they’d have:  the ability to, literally, fly.