KENTUCKY — Earlier this year, Gov. Andy Beshear signed House Bill 127 into law, which expands access to assisted outpatient treatment. This form of mental health treatment is a partnership between the courts, the health care system and the people of Kentucky.

It also allows the courts to order outpatient care for individuals with severe mental illness.

Republican State Representative Ken Fleming (R), co-sponsored House Bill 127 during this year’s General Assembly legislative session.

"It really caught my eye, because it's only affects basically 2% less than 2% the population, but those 2% are loved ones, those are the individuals that we care about. And whatever we can to do to help get them back into society and to keep contributing to society? That's what the Tim's Law is wrapped around with. That's one of the reasons I got into this, my awareness and just seeing such a need out there to address mental health issues," explains Rep. Fleming.

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