KENTUCKY — The state of Kentucky is one of just 13 states where it remains illegal to buy either medical or recreational marijuana.

Ed Shemelya is a former Kentucky State Police Trooper and is the chair of Kentucky's Narcotics Officers Association, and weighed in on legalizing cannabis during this In Focus Kentucky segment, with most of his concerns centering on potency.

"I think the first thing you have to acknowledge is there is is a lot of misinformation and different disinformation concerning today's marijuana. And I don't think people really understand how this drug has improved, for lack of a better word, how dramatically it's changed since Colorado did what they did in 2012 by commercializing adult use marijuana and significantly around potency. The problem being is that most people's conception about marijuana was the 60s and 70s marijuana," says Shemelya.

You can watch the full In Focus Kentucky segment in the player above.