Jerry Mitchell is the executive director of the Joshua and Caleb Leadership Center in Cleveland. About 10 years ago, Mitchell said he felt God calling him to try something new.

“I came from a broken home. My dad left when I was a young fella. My mom went through a difficult time, and that season was hard,” he said.

Mitchell shared that he has always had a passion for kids and faith influences a lot of what he does.

“I can’t save anybody, and I can’t fix anybody, but I can sure love them,” he said.

The center offers support to single moms and spends time with their kids over the course of several years.

“We begin building relationships with the kids, 4th grade, and we continue that for nine years. We don’t think this is a get in there and get out. We want to live in their life,” Mitchell said.

They get started by going to the authority of the mother and finding out how they can best serve the mom.