Workforce development is the focal point for many leaders as more and more companies agree to invest in Ohio. The DeWine administration secured $125 million in the budget to build more innovation hubs across the state.

State Representative Nick Santucci, R-Howland Twp., is the vice chair of the Economic and Workforce Development committee. He talked with In Focus host Mike Kallmeyer about the need to bolster the state’s workforce.

“From the business community that we talk to regularly, it appears that we have to motivate our workforce and get them reengaged,” he said.

Santucci noted he thinks the state recognizes the workforce challenges ahead and they are creating programs to address it.

“It’s not just an Ohio problem, this is a nationwide problem we’re seeing,” he said.

Santucci said focusing on Ohio’s young folks and preparing them for the workforce is going to be key.

“My grandfather was a union brick layer growing up, and my other grandfather was a barber, so the trades and skilled trades are in my blood,” he said. “I always encourage folks that college isn’t for everybody.”