In Focus: Albany, New York


In Focus


In Focus is a 30-minute public affairs program, exclusively on Spectrum News 1.

Each week, we will invite experts around Albany to discuss a wide range of issues impacting the Capital Region.

In Focus airs on Spectrum News 1 each Sunday at 10:30 a.m., and repeats Sunday at 3:30 p.m.


Coronavirus and Dealing with Pandemics in the Capital Region

March Ushers in Women's History Month, Its Discourse, Policies, and More

Proposed Changes to the DWI Limit and What Your Lawmakers Have to Say

With Its Historical Significance, What Could a Revitalized 787 Look Like?

Preparation for Lake George's Festival Includes Discussions About Its Maintenance

What Heart Month Is About and How You Can Get Involved

Cuomo's Budget Elicits Some Praise, Some Hope, Some Questions

Martin Luther King Junior, That Powerful Speech, Where We Stand Locally

Newly Appointed Mayors Discuss What Is to Come

The New Legislative Session Brings With It Concerns, Excitement, and Hope

Caring for the Environment During the Holiday Rush

Safety Knowledge and Preventative Measures for the Holiday Season

Home Heating: Tips, Saving on Cost, Safety, and Local Programs for Aid

Highlighting the Season of Giving Through Awareness of Local Resources

New York Could Possibly Be Stepping Up for Student-Athletes, But Why and How?

Veteran's Day: Shifting the Focus to Issues Most Important for Vets

Officials Share Ongoing Steps in Treatment, Access to Treatment for Alzheimer's

During Domestic Violence Awareness Month Local Resources Are Addressed

Early Voting Is on the Horizon, What do You Need to Know?

Local Efforts to Raise Awareness Around Breast Cancer, Treatments, Support

One Year Since Schoharie and Officials Continue to Demand Accountability and Preventive Measures

Getting to the Root of the Vape Debate

The Impact of September's National Hispanic Heritage Month Locally, Nationally